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Unesco announces new heritage sites around the world (New Inscribed Properties 2018)

The UN's cultural organisation, meeting in Bahrain, have been agreeing which landmark sites around the world need preserving for their cultural, historic or scientific significance.

1. Ancient port city: Qalhat, Oman

In the east of Oman, the walled city of Qalhat was a bustling port in the 11th and 15th Centuries.It is a "unique archaeological testimony" to the links between the east of Arabia and the rest of the world, says Unesco.
2.Hidden Christian sites: Nagasaki, Japan

The site on Kyushu island consists of 10 villages, a castle and a cathedral and were built between the 18th and 19th Centuries, at a time when the Christian faith was banned in Japan.
They reflect the earliest activities of Christian missionaries and settlers in Japan, and "bear unique testimony to a cultural tradition nurtured by hidden Christians", Unesco says.
3.Gothic and Art Deco architecture: Mumbai, India

3 Black U.S. Senators Introduce Bill to Make Lynching a Federal Hate Crime

The bill follows 200 failed attempts in the last century to pass anti-lynching legislation.

IRDAI Board Meet: LIC gets nod to buy 51% in IDBI Bank

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) on Friday approved a proposal by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) to raise its stake in IDBI Bank up to 51% from the current 10.82%, giving the country’s largest insurer special relaxation from its 15% holding cap for insurers in a single firm. The deal will save the government from having to infuse more funds into IDBI Bank, which had received as much as Rs 10,610 crore last fiscal, the most by any public-sector bank (PSB). However, analysts said it will test the resolve of regulators who may have to extend a series of such special waivers for LIC for the deal to go through. Also, analysts feel the deal to acquire the stressed bank could also cast clouds on LIC’s fiduciary duty to its millions of policyholders.

It is not immediately clear whether the deal involves fresh equity infusion by IDBI Bank or a direct sale of the government’s stake in the bank that currently stands at 81%.

A senior Irdai executive …

Mukesh Ambani’s latest telecom punch: RIL to acquire Radisys for Rs 500 crore; key things to know

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani-run Reliance Industries is all set to acquire Radisys Corporation, a US-based open telecom platform solutions provider, for $75 million (Rs 510 crore) in cash, in a bid to push telecom firm Reliance Jio’s plans. Notably, Radisys is a leader in providing open telecom solutions to service providers worldwide. Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Radisys has nearly 600 employees with an engineering team based out of Bangalore, India, and sales and support offices globally, RIL said in a press release.

Taking stock of the synergies, RIL said that this acquisition further accelerates Jio’s global innovation and technology leadership in the areas of 5G, IOT and open source architecture adoption. “Reliance and Jio have been disrupting legacy business models and establishing new global benchmarks. Radisys’ top-class management and engineering team offer Reliance rapid innovation and solution development expertise globally, which complements our work towards software-…

Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Rates: SBI Vs HDFC Bank Vs ICICI Bank Vs BoB Vs Federal Bank

Banks are the biggest issuers of fixed deposits in India. Fixed deposits (FD) of leading banks not only help you save money but also grow your wealth. Money in fixed deposit accounts offer attractive interest rates until fixed tenures. The interest payout options offer the customer of fixed deposits to either choose regular cash flows or earn high interest rates by opting for cumulative interest where the interest is compounded quarterly, providing even better returns. If you have a lump sum surplus available for investment with a requirement of these funds at a specified date, you may choose to put it into a fixed deposit.
Given below are fixed deposit (FD) interest rates of State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda (BoB) and Federal Bank:

Fixed deposit interest rates of State Bank of India (SBI) (Below Rs 1 crore)

TenorsRevised For Public w.e.f. 28.05.2018
Revised for Senior Citizens w.e.f. 28.05.2018
7 days to 45 days.  5.756.25
46 days to 179 days6.256.75

Isro's quest to find a trillion-dollar nuclear fuel on the Moon Isro will

New Delhi: India's space program wants to go where no nation has gone before — to the south side of the moon. And once it gets there, it will study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy that could be worth trillions of dollars.

The nation's equivalent of NASA will
launch a rover in October
to explore virgin territory on the lunar surface and analyze crust samples for signs of water and helium-3. That isotope is limited on Earth yet so abundant on the moon that it theoretically could meet global energy demands for 250 years if harnessed.

"The countries which have the capacity to bring that source from the moon to Earth will dictate the process," said K Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation. "I don't want to be just a part of them, I want to lead them."

The mission would solidify India's place among the fleet of explorers racing to the moon, Mars and beyond for scientific, commercial or military gains. The…

Floating robot Cimon sent to International Space Station

An experimental robot with an animated cartoon face has been sent to the International Space Station (ISS) on board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Dubbed Cimon (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion), the device is intended as an "an AI-based assistant for astronauts".

Cimon weighs 5kg but in zero gravity it will float move around thanks to 14 internal fans.

It is an attempt to find out whether robots and astronauts can collaborate.

To this end, Cimon is equipped with microphones and cameras that help it recognise Alexander Gerst, the German astronaut with whom it will work.

An "offline" button has been designed for Cimon, which allows Gerst to avoid having audio streamed to servers on Earth during moments of privacy.

The rocket whisking the bot on its way to Earth orbit took off from Nasa's Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 05:42 Eastern time (10:42 BST).

 was part of a cargo shipment weighing nearly 2.7 tonnes that includes food and water.

The cargo is contained in …

This Smart Pillow Will Stop Your Partner's Terrible Snoring

One-third of Americans report that they usually get fewer than the recommended hours of sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Given how important sleep is for our health and well-being, it was only a matter of time before someone developed a tech-based solution to a good night’s rest. And while there’s now a lot of sleep-tracking technology out there, there’s nothing quite as comprehensive as ZEEQ.

Created by the active lifestyle bedding brand REM-Fit, ZEEQ is an innovative smart pillow that not only tracks your sleep, but automatically intervenes in the night to help you sleep more soundly. The product raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter when it first launched, but can be now be purchased online for $199.

The self-proclaimed “world’s smartest pillow” has many features that promise a better night’s sleep: it plays music; it monitors and reacts to your snoring; it tracks and analyzes your sleep; and it wakes you up at the ideal point in your sleep p…

Why Atul Gawande Will Soon Be The Most Feared CEO In Healthcare

When news broke that Dr. Atul Gawande had been named CEO of the Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan Chase healthcare partnership, industry insiders were quick to raise doubts about his credentials.

Some pointed to his limited administrative experience, questioning how someone who has never managed a hospital or health system could oversee the care of some 1 million patient-employees. They also noted that the surgeon and bestselling author doesn’t know much about running an insurance company or contracting with providers or wading through the murky waters of benefit reimbursements, either. How, then, will he navigate the industry’s complex regulations and requirements?

Contrary to his critics’ intentions, these kinds of questions do not reveal Dr. Gawande’s shortcomings. They reveal an industry ripe for disruption. Asking how Dr. Gawande will function within the current healthcare system assumes that Dr. Gawande wishes to maintain the current system. He does not. And neither do his new bosses.

Grocery Giant Kroger Partners With Tech Startup Nuro For Robo-Delivery Service

Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup created by two Google Self-Driving Car Project veterans, has arranged a big debut for its little autonomous vehicles with plans for an on-demand grocery delivery pilot program with supermarket giant Kroger.

Nuro emerged from stealth mode early this year with a $92 million fundraising announcement, and the project is the first for its miniature robot van that looks like a toaster on wheels. Kroger and Nuro said in a statement on Thursday that the pilot program begins late this year in a city to be named later. For it’s a “pure partnership play,” with no investment by Kroger, Kristal Howard, a spokeswoman for the Cincinnati-based grocery company, said.

“We are incredibly excited about the potential of our innovative partnership with Nuro to bring the future of grocery delivery to customers today,” Yael Cosset, Kroger’s chief digital officer, said in a statement. “Partnering with Nuro, a leading technology company, will create customer value by providing A…

Moto E5 Plus with 5,000mAh battery coming to India, confirms company

Just a day after the teasers of Moto E5 went live, the company has taken to Twitter to announce that the "Moto E5 Plus is on its way."
Lenovo-owned Motorola has been posting battery issues-related video on its official Twitter

Even though the company has justed confirmed the launch of the bigger variant, Moto E5 Plus, the Moto E5 is also expected to be launched along with it. A poster of the Moto E5 was spotted outside a retail store in Delhi, which read, "New Moto E5 with 4000mAh battery and 18:9 max vision display."

Additionally, the Moto E5 is already selling on Amazon India website via third-part sellers at a list price of Rs 11,990, over which there is a discount of 10% making its selling price Rs 10,770. Readers must note that it is not the official price from the company but a price from a third-party vendor.
Back in April, the company had also launched a Moto E5 Play handset as well, but that wont be coming to India, as at the time of the launch, it was an…

Apple is rebuilding Maps with its own data

Apple is ready for Apple Maps to stop being a joke. The company plans to introduce completely overhauled mapping data in the US over the next year, all using information that Apple gathered itself, according to TechCrunch, which got a behind-the-scenes look at the new pursuit.

The new data will begin to roll out in the coming weeks in a very limited fashion. It’ll start first for people enrolled in the iOS 12 beta, and the updated mapping data will only be available for San Francisco and the Bay Area. The report says it’ll grow to cover all of Northern California by fall and eventually come to all versions of iOS.

The rest of the US will receive the new maps “section by section” “over the next year,” Apple services leader Eddy Cue told TechCrunch. Cue said Apple has “done a huge investment in getting the map up to par.”

LG V20 gets Oreo in August in North Americ

We already expected the LG V20 to at some point be graced with an update to Android 8.0 Oreo, because T-Mobile promised to bring this version of the OS to its version of the phone back in March.

Up until now, however, we had no rough timeline to speak of for the new software's release. Over in Canada, though, Fido has updated its own official update schedule page to give us a better idea about when the V20 should taste Oreo in North America

According to that carrier, its V20 units will receive the update at some point in August. We're hoping that no delays will occur. Obviously this doesn't guarantee that every single V20 sold in the US and Canada will get Oreo in August, but all hope is definitely not lost.

Quiz App Left 120 Million Facebook Users’ Data Exposed as Recently as Last Month

Facebook’s race to prove it’s a good and trustworthy company over the last few months kicked off when it was revealed that a quiz app sold user data to a political firm. Now, a different quiz app is getting some heat. A researcher discovered that a third-party app called NameTests left the data of 120 million Facebook users exposed to anyone who happened to find it.

Facebook’s privacy scandal kicked off in March when it was revealed that a data firm hired by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Cambridge Analytica, had illicitly purchased Facebook user data from a professor running a novelty quiz app called “thisisyourdigitallife.” Facebook knew about this violation of its policies and did practically nothing about it for years. But as CEO Mark Zuckerberg started getting hauled in front of lawmakers and investors got nervous, Facebook rolled out changes—some big, some small. An audit of third-party apps resulted in the suspension of around 200 apps in May. But it appears there could…

All money deposits in Swiss Banks not black money: Arun Jaitley

NEW DELHI: Union cabinet minister Arun Jaitley has hit out at the opposition for running an ill-informed campaign on reports about rise in deposits by Indians in Swiss banks, saying all money parked there is not illegal especially in the backdrop of stringent disclosure and information sharing agreements inked by Switzerland.
Jaitley pointed to rise in jump of 44% in the personal income tax category and 17%, terming the “unprecedented taxation growth” a result of the anti-black money measures, use of technology, demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax.
A top government official said the tax base could rise 80-90% over the next five years, which would have a big positive impact on the fiscal situaton.

Switzerland has taken significant efforts to get out of the image of being a tax haven and a non-compliant State. It is on the verge of making disclosures in real time and, therefore, is no longer an ideal destination for tax evaders,” Jaitley said in a blog post on Friday.
Data re…

Google Home, Chromecast hit by serious outage worldwide

Google Home smart speaker and Chromecast experienced serious outages that lasted for more than 12 hours and sent millions of users into a tizzy worldwide, a media report said. The outage affected Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers that respond to voice commands, as well as Chromecast — a device that plugs into a television and allows users to watch video content.

“Users were angry at both the length of the outage and the lack of information from Google about it, once it had been identified. Google has not given a reason why these devices went down, only apologising for the service problems and identifying a fix for the issues,” The Guardian reported late on Thursday.

Music, timers, smart home controls and more Google Home functionalities were down for many users and users reported that they could not get anything to stream on Chromecast or use it to connect to other devices. The tech giant responded on Twitter by telling people that they may not have set up their Chromecast or…

ATM frauds are rising. Here are tips to protect yourself

There have been multiple cases of frauds at automated teller machines (ATMs). To make sure that you don’t become a victim to any ATM frauds here is what you should know: If an ATM site is in a remote corner of the street and looks desolate, avoid using it. Find a brightly lit and well kept ATM. ATMs in India are typically located in 800-1,000 sq. ft outlets, done up depending on the branding of the bank to which they belong, while others are kept in lobbies of corporate buildings, airports, malls, etc.

Don’t enter ATM outlets if you find people inside. If they are using the ATM, let them complete their transaction. If they are just loitering inside, ask them to move out. If you suspect something fishy, leave the site. If you have to urgently withdraw cash, before starting the transaction, check your surroundings and the ATM for any hidden camera. Look at the card reader. If you see something looking abnormal, tug at the card reader to check for any ‘skimmer’ (a device to read your ca…

Donald Trump Told Macron That France Should Quit EU: Report

The US president has repeatedly attacked the EU, sharply denouncing what he considers its unfair trade practices.

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Global Stock Market Commentary

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