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Will it be a breakthrough year for Space?

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris. In 1972, Apollo 17 completed the last lunar landing mission to date. We haven’t continued to push the boundaries of Space since; no manned Mars missions, no deep space exploration — we haven’t even returned to the Moon. But we are only at the beginning of 2017, however, and there are some very promising initiatives that may truly open up Space, and unlike government-sponsored flights of the 1950s and ’60s, private enterprise is leading the way.
breakthrough year for Space ? NASA
Commercial aerospace is going through a significant transformation, creating new markets and disrupting existing ones. Driven by innovation and technological advancement, the days of large, government-supported incumbents charging “cost plus margin” fees for launch services are quickly fading. Three such disruptors include Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, all of which are radically redefining space launch systems by focusing on cost reduction, reusability and new manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing.
What’s next
Also in 2017, we will see the conclusion of the Google Lunar X Prize, which set the goal of landing a privately funded robotic spacecraft on the moon that would travel 500 meters and transmit high-definition video and images back to Earth. On July 20, 1969, NASA put a man on the moon at a cost of $25 billion. But companies like Moon Express, which are taking part in the X Prize and raising venture capital, are betting they’ll soon be able to travel to the moon for 0.028 percent of that cost, or $7 million. And it’s not just traditional space technologies that are being redefined: Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources are making significant progress toward launching asteroid-mining missions before 2020.



41 Chinese confirmed dead in Thailand boat capsizing

Thai authorities on Sunday confirmed that 41 Chinese citizens including 13 children were killed after their tourist boat capsized in bad weather near Phuket, Thailand on Friday. 
The Xinhua News Agency  also reported that 14 passengers remain missing and a Thai citizen has been confirmed dead.
The Phoenix, with 105 passengers on board had allegedly been warned not to sail due to bad weather.  Another tourist boat, the Serenata, also capsized in the same area. The 42 passengers on that boat were rescued.    
Three Thai warships and two Chinese rescue teams on Sunday participated in rescue operations searching for survivors of the Phoenix.
Most passengers on the two boats were Chinese citizens, according to media reports.
The captain of Hua Hin, one of the three Tai navy ships participating in the rescue, said on Sunday that 16 divers from the Thai Navy were checking the cabins of the Phoenix, which sank in waters 40 meters deep.
"If these divers can report there is no body inside the sh…

Latest Smartphone OPPO F9 with Waterdrop Display and 6 GB RAM launched

Latest Smartphone OPPO F9 with Waterdrop Display and 6 GB RAM launchedOppo F9 has been launched. The new smartphone is the first handset by Oppo that features a V-shaped waterdrop display notch - unlike the traditional rectangular display notch. Also, there is a thin-bezel display that offers a 90.8 percent screen-to-body ratio. 
While the OPPO F9 ProSmartphone is set to debut in India on August 21, specifications of the upcoming handset have now surfaced through a sales pitch note. The leaked note suggests that the F9 Pro could be the India variant of the OPPO F9. The handset is rumored to come with the VOOC integration for fast charging support and a 6.3 display with the V-shaped waterdrop notch design identical to the Oppo F9  smartphone.
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New Smartphone Oppo F9 With Specifications And Features
1. The Dual-SIM (Nano) Oppo F9 runs ColorOS 5.2 based on Latest Android Version Android 8.1 Oreo.
2. A 6.3-inch ful…

Android Next Version is Here The Name is Android Pie

Android Next Version is Here The Name is Android Pie

The stable version of Android 9 Pie was officially released on Tuesday for the Google Pixel/XL and the Google Pixel 2/XL. On the same date, Essential rolled out the Android Pie update for the Essential Phone. The OnePlus 6 is currently on Android Pie beta 3, while the Nokia 7 Plusjust received Android Pie beta 4. An alpha build of Android Pie has leaked for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, and we should be receiving more news soon for other smartphones eligible for the Android P beta program.
On the other hand, companies like Samsung, Huawei, LG, and HTC didn’t participate in the Android Pie beta program. HTC has now revealed which of its phones will receive the Android Pie update.
HTC has confirmed via Twitter that the company will roll out Android Pie updates for the HTC U11, HTC U11+, the Android One variant of the HTC U11 Life, and the company’s current flagship, the HTC U12+. The company states that time frames for the update roll-out will b…